بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

This is my journal & through my life’s journey the lessons I’ve learned, Alhamdulillah-Washukrulillah. I have designed these pictures to remind myself of whatever I needed in the moment.

Please note some of the writing is from friends, family or messages I’ve received, & in no way am I claiming this as my own writing.

Please download & share with whomsoever needs inspiration or motivation, & kindly remember me & the writers in your good Duaas. Aameen with Aafiyah!

A smile can change your mood from drab to fab, try it.
To be able to be kind to others we need to begin with kindness to ourselves.
Never lose hope in Allah’s love & mercy
Stay strong & positive
Aameen with Aafiyah
We say with words we trust Allah in every circumstance, yet we still try to control the outcome.. Time for introspection..
Gratitude attitude..
Food for thought..
Build your relationship with your creator, its the best thing you will ever do for yourself.
Aameen with Aafiyah
The purpose of this Dunya is to prepare for the Aakhirah
Titles mean nothing, stay humble
The time is now, to plan for the Hereafter
Today is the PRESENT treat it as a gift to accomplish your Aakhirah
Ask Allah daily, & trust Allah completely
Be fearless, in your trust in Allah, and experience HIS limitless bounties
Self love, brings ultimate joy from within yourself. It is also the only way to learn to love others for the pleasure of Allah.
Self forgiveness is the key to growth
Silence, calms the mind & shows you exactly who you are
Live positively, to attract positivity
Absolutely! Self discovery is the ultimate journey.
WHY WORRY? When you can trust in ALLAH!
Tears are never wasted on Allah, cry to HIM for HE created you, so HE understands you, & your needs best.
Make the best of every moment. in the Aakhirah you will be glad you did.
Positive vibes, attracts positivity! Something to remember when you feeling down.
Positive vibes, attracts positivity! something to remember when you feeling down.
Make it count towards building your Aakhirah
Take things in your stride, look for extra reasons to be grateful everyday!
Make your intention, then make the effort, then reap the rewards.
Self care is a must, you cannot be useful to yourself or anyone if you’re broken
Hope in Allah’s mercy is the key to survival.
Procrastination is the ultimate destruction.
Bismillah, you got this. Allah has your back
Always start your day with a positive intention.
When you’re wakefully aware you’re a better version of yourself.
Gratitude Attitude!!!
You attract what you are, so think positive to attract a positive outcome
Aameen with Aafiyah
What does your heart need from you, Right now?
A challenge indeed!! HOWEVER ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE. Once achieved a blessing Alhamdulillah.
Aameen with Aafiyah
Learning from your mistakes is part of growth & self-acceptance
Positivity Attracts Positivity.. ALWAYS!!!
Always start your day with a positive mindset
How many of us have mastered this?
Gratitude Attitude
Always only for the pleasure of Allah
Gratitude Attitude
Trust in Allah, ALWAYS
Gratitude Attitude
Aameen with Aafiyah
Always learn the lesson, to enjoy the blessing
Positivity, Attracts Positivity
What others think of you is NOT your business
Nothing to loose, only lots to gain. Alhamdulillah-washukrulillah
Learn our lessons in life.
Definitely something to think about
Learn our lessons in life, to gain the ultimate reward.
Aameen with Aafiyah
Absolutely!!! 100%
So what is stopping you?
Trust in Allah Almighty
What do you need for yourself? What can I be to assist someone else in need? One of the best ways of worship is serving mankind for the pleasure of Allah!
A blessing indeed Alhamdulillah-washukrulillah
Self value, key ingredient to living life to the fullest.
Aameen with Aafiyah
Trust in Allah Always.
May Allah grant us all this, Aameen with Aafiyah.
Positive mindset [YOU ARE AS YOU THINK YOU ARE!] Let that sink in.
To forgive is to free yourself from the toxicity of the negative experience & allows you to grow and learn valuable lessons.
If you wont who will?
Definitely something to think about
Trust in Allah Always
Are you spiritually, mature.
Hope in Allah’s mercy
May Allah grant us this, Aameen with Aafiyah
What does healing, mean to you?
Self awareness
Trust in Allah
ACCEPTANCE, how many seek it daily?
Trust Allah ALWAYS
Present moment awareness.
With silence
Start your day with Allah & everyday will be a good day
Smiling is a Sadaqah, spread the joy & make someone’s day
So use it wisely, to empower yourself.
Why be dull & boring?
You have the power within
Effort is key..
Its the beginning of gratitude
The time is always NOW
Sometimes we need that darkness around us to shine just a little bit brighter.
Comes down to ultimate TRUST in Allah
Begins with self love, self care, self respect, self forgiveness.. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE!
Talk to Allah, Daily
To stay on track
Trust Allah, HE will never let you down
This should be our motto everyday to achieve success!
Keep your tongue moist with ASTAGFAAR
Everyone should have one of these
Gratitude Attitude